When you first install the theme. It won’t included all extra content that you have seen from live demo site. You can choose to import demo contents or only demo settings and here are the different.

Import Demo Content

  1. Install and activate Photography Custom Post Type plugin before you proceed.
  2. Open Theme Setting > Demo Content then select which demo you want to import and click “Import Selected”.
  3. It can take few minutes to import everything (depends on your webhost location and connection speed).
  4. Once it’s completed you will see success message and you can now enjoy demo content.

Common Issues

  1. Empty Contents. If you get this error, please make sure you disable “WordPress Importer” plugin so it doesn’t have conflict with theme importer.
  2. Demo Import Fails: “Sorry but your import failed.”
    If you get this error, most likely the importer can not work with your webhost. You will need to ask your webhost to increase max_execution_time (or any other webserver timeout to at least 300 secs) and memory_limit (to at least 196M).Another thing which might solve the issue is to increase WordPress memory limit setting. Add below code to your wp-config.php before importing demo content.define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘500M’);
    define( ‘WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘500M’ );Basically, If the limits on your server settings are very low then the content will not import.

Get Predefined Styling

There are 24 predefined styling which you can use. Open Theme Setting > Styling then select which styling you want to use and click “Get Selected Styling”.