First thing to create portfolio content is to create a menu post.  Theme has various post options for you display different content on your menu.

Screen Shot 2558-06-15 at 4.26.57 PM

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Menus > Add New Menu
  2. Enter post title. You can add post excerpt too for example menu’s recipe info.
  3. Assign this menu to menu category using menu categories box on the right side.
  4. Upload menu featured image using set featured box on the bottom right side. All pages will use this image for post preview image and thumbnail.
  5. Once you finish, click Publish.

Menus Options

  • Price – Enter menu price in number only.
  • Price Currency – Enter menu price currency for example $
  • Highlight this menu – Check this option to highlight this menu in menu page templates.
  • Order URL – Enter URL to order this menu for example you can enter Woocommece product page.
  • Size (optional) – You can create size options for this menu. For example small, medium and large then set price for each price seperately.

Organise Menus by Categories

If you want to categorised menu items by categories.  You can do that easily.

  1. Open WordPress Dashboard > Menus > Menu Categories. You will see list of for menu categories you have.
  2. If you don’t have any, please create one first so you can assign project items to it. For example create “Starters” sectors.
  3. Now back to edit menu page. Look at “Menu Categories” box and you will see list of your current menu categories. Check one you want to assign this meni to and save changes.