Theme includes the popular Revolution Slider plugin. This slider helps you create animated slider which is responsive and has many options. We cannot cover everything here but initial setup for the slider. If you want to view full Revolution Slider plugin documentation please read below.

Revolution Slider Plugin Full Documentation

From your downloaded folder. There is “manual” folder. Open it and you will find revslider folder. Open index.html file to your web browser.

How to create a New Revolution Slider

  1. From your WordPress Dashboard. Click Revolution Slider in admin sidebar, then click Create New Slider.
  2. Add Slider name and alias. The alias will use to generate shortcode for the slider which can use in page/post content
  3. Then select source type. Please read full information about all options in full Revolution Plugin documentation.
  4. Then select Slider Layout type. Recommended Responsive or Fullscreen.
  5. On the right sidebar of slider setting page, you can change all of slider options. Test all of them so you understand how it works.
  6. Once you finish, click Create a Slider” so now you have a new slider.

How to add slides to your slider

  1. Click Edit Slides in Revolution slider setting.
  2. Click New Slide of New Transparent Slide button to create a new slide.
  3. Click Edit button to add/edit slide content
  4. On edit slide page. There are many sections which allow you to customise your slide. We can’t cover all of them, please try them out so you will understand how it work.
  5. To add text layer, click “Add Layer” button below slide preview box.  Then you can enter text/HTML to Layer Content box. To change style of it. Select one of available style dropdown list or click Edit Style to create your own one.
  6. To add image or video layer, click “Add Layer: Image” or “Add Layer: Video”
  7. There are Layer options box below slide preview box which are ayer Parameters, Layer Animations, Layer Links & Advanced Parameters. Adjust settings you want to have for the selected layer and you can click Preview Slide to see preview of current settings.
  8. On the right hand side below the slider preview box is the Layers Timing & Sorting box where you set the time it takes for each layer to show on the screen.
  9. Once you finish customising, Click Update Slide to save all settings.

Click here to open Revolution Slider plugin official documentation