First thing to create destination content is to create a destination post.  Theme has various post options for you display different content on your destination.

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Destinations > Add New Destination
  2. Enter post title and content. You can use any shortcode or HTML Editing Fields.
  3. Upload destination featured image using set featured box on the bottom right side. All pages will use this image for post preview image and thumbnail.
  4. Once you finish, click Publish.

IMPORTANT: You have to upload a featured image to each destination post in order to load in destination pages.

Destination Options

  • Header Content Type – Select header content type for this destination. Different content type will be displayed on single destination page
  • Sidebar (Optional) – Select sidebar to display for this destination
  • Related Tours (Optional) – Select which tours which are related with this destination (recommended 3 items).

NOTE: You have to create tour items first so they can be selected in related tour options.

Organise destinations by Destination Categories

If you want to categorized destination items by categories ex. Europe, Asia etc. You can do that easily.

  1. Open WordPress Dashboard > Destinations > Destination Categories You will see list of for example destinations you have.
  2. If you don’t have any, please create one first so you can assign destination items to it.
  3. Now back to edit destination page. Look at “destination categories” box and you will see list of your current destination categories. Check one you want to assign this destination to and save changes.

How to add destination category page

Basically when you crate destination categories. WordPress automatically added these pages for you. You just have to find the url of it or add it to main menu. Open Appearance > Menus and select for example “Destination Categories” you want to add to main menu.

But if you couldn’t see this option. Click “Screen Options” at the top right of edit menu page and check “Destination Categories” options.

How to change destination category page template

You can change destination category page layout setting using Destinations > Destination Categories. Click on category you want to edit and select “Destination Category Page Template”.