Google Map using Content Builder

Select the one you want and click “Add” button. It will open a popup with module’s options.

Enter options for example title, Map locations, height etc. Once you finish customising, click “Update” and save changes the page.

Customise Google Map Skin

Theme includes an option to change Google Map skin&colors using snazzymaps. You can navigate to snazzymaps and find map style you want to use.

One the left box of map skin page. You will find “Javascript Style Array” box. ClickCopy button and open Theme Setting > Contact > Google Map Settings

Paste the javascript code to “Custom Google Map Style” and save changes. You will also need to enter Google Maps API key. Here is how to sign up for Google Maps API Key.

Google Map using Shortcode

When you edit a page. There is shortcode option at the bottom of editing field. Select “Google Map” and enter map options. Once you finish, click “Generate Shortcode” and copy shortcode to editing field.