First thing to create blog content is to create a post post.  Theme has various post options for you display different content on your blog post. Here are the steps to create a blog post.


  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Posts > Add New
  2. Enter post title and content. You can use any shortcode or HTML to editing field.
  3. Assign this post to category using categories box on the right side
  4. Add tags to this post. Type tag name in to the field in Tags box on the right side.
  5. Upload post featured image using set featured box on the bottom right side. All pages will use this image for post preview image and thumbnail.
  6. Once you finish, click Publish.

Setting up Review

Screen Shot 2559-04-22 at 6.41.32 PM

Once you add blog post content. Scroll down you will find “Review” and “Review Items” box under editing field.Here are the steps to create a post review.

  1. Select review type you want to use from point, star and percentage. Then enter review heading.
  2. Look at “Review Items” box. Click “Add another” and enter review criteria ex. “Design” then enter its point.
  3. Select location to display this review ex. After Content.
  4. You can also customise review bar colors in Custom Colors section.