Default WordPress Blog Pages

By default, when you create posts. WordPress already created default blog pages for you which are included.

  1. Homepage recent posts – Default homepage for WordPress. It displays most recent posts.
  2. Archive – Displays posts from selected time for example post from January 2016.
  3. Category – Display posts from selected category.
  4. Tag – Display posts from selected tag.
  5. Search – Display posts by keywords.
  6. Author – Display posts from selected author.

Screen Shot 2559-04-18 at 11.16.36 AM

You can change archive, category and tag page layout setting. Go to Appearance > Customize > Blog > Layout

Create a Blog Page using Content Builder

Screen Shot 2559-04-18 at 11.34.22 AM

When you select “Posts” tab of content builder. There are various blog posts modules available on content builder. You can select each one of theme and customise to your need,

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Pages and click Add New
  2. Add page title and content. Then find Content builder option box below editing field. Check “Enable Content Builder”.
  3. Click “Posts” tab and select module you want to add. Then click add button. It will open a popup with its options.
  4. Customise modules’s options and once you finish click “Update” button and save changes on page.

Import Demo Page

Screen Shot 2559-04-18 at 10.49.05 AM

You can import demo pages which are built with content builder. Just select “Sample Pages” tab and select one you want to import. Then click “Import” button.